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"Photography for me is an exploration rather than a destination and I think its that sense of 'play' that keeps it fun and fresh for me after 17 years!  I prefer to 'travel without a map', as it were, and I find that approaching an assignment armed with a loose idea and a lot of energy rather than a petrified plan keeps the energy dynamic, the images genuine and fresh, and the session itself just more fun for both my clients and me."

Mitch's style is emotional, dynamic, genuine, and sometimes downright theatrical, without ever losing sight of the most important element - the relationships involved:

•Engagement and Groomal sessions focus more on how the couple relates to each other, rather than how they relate to the camera.

• Bridal sessions explore the bride's relationship with her dress...and to her own persona.

• Wedding day images capture the emotional subtleties of the relationships that go into making such an important day.


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Mitch's Blog Posts

As an Air Force brat, travel was instilled in Mitch at a very early age. By 5 years of age, he had lived in Maryland, Thailand, and Arizona before settling for much of his formative life in the Detroit area of Michigan. His family moved once more when he was a sophmore in high school to La Jolla, California and he has lived up and down the coast of California until settling in Utah in 1996.

Mitch's discovery of photography was something of a happy accident when a course in darkroom process was required as part of the film program at USC. He found the medium both challenging and rewarding and while it turned out that Mitch had little taste for the Hollywood movie machine, he has remained a voracious photographer ever since. It was during this period of his life that he travelled through Europe and Africa, camera in hand at all times.

Mitch eventually decided to grow up once and for all and he moved to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah where he got his Bachelor's in...wait for it....Neurobiology. Plans to pursue a career in neuroscience were put on hold for what was meant to be a short 6-month breather from his heavy research load when he took a position in IT technical sales.  Mitch found a latent skill in sales and became too enamormed with the rewards to return to the noble but poor life as a grad student. During this period of his life he was IT Director and CIO for a number of start-ups, some successful, some not so much.  He continued to shoot for his own amusement and the occasonal client.

Mitch has a young son called Zen.  Despite his namesake, he is a hyper, brilliant, and adorable little monster.

Mitch is 100% bald, just as he came into this world.